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Campus Veterans in the News

Here's Our Roundup of News for and about Campus Veterans. The list gets updated on a constant basis with news and information concerning veterans on college / university campuses. If you've got something to add, just leave a comment here and we'll post it. Or write to us at


Veterans' Day Tribute Video -- "In Memory"


List of Known Campus Veteran Organizations

This is the "initial" list of veterans' organizations on college campuses, to the best of our knowledge. If you want your group added to the list, please leave a comment and we'll get it added. Thanks

San Diego State University Student Veterans' Organization; Registrar's / Veteran's Affairs Office
Humboldt State University, Veterans Enrollment Services
UC Berkeley Veterans Services
University of Colorado at Boulder Veterans' Affairs Office
FSU Collegiate Veteran Association
Florida Atlantic University Veteran's Affairs
NIU (Northern Illinois University) Veterans' Club
EIU (Eastern Illinois University) Black Knights of the Embarras (Veterans' Club) (Facebook group)
WIU (Western Illinois University) Veterans' Club
College of DuPage Veterans Association (Facebook group)
IU (Indiana University) Military Veterans' Club; IU Veteran Support Services
UIOWA Veterans' Association
University of Kansas Collegiate Veterans' Association (contacts are listed under university website; no known group website)
Kansas City, Kansas Community College (KCKCC) Veterans' Certifying Official
University of Louisiana (Lafayette) Association of Student Veterans (Facebook Group)
Boston College BC Law School Veterans' Association
MIT Sloan (Business School) Veterans' Association
Harvard University Harvard Veterans / Alumni Association
University of Michigan Student Veteran Association (website) and Facebook group; (Ross School of Business) Armed Forces Association
Eastern Michigan University Office of Veterans' Services
University of Minnesota Veterans' Transition Center; Registrar's / Veterans' Certification Office
Vermillion Community College Veterans' Group (Facebook group)
Minnesota Veterans' Coalition (all colleges) (Facebook group)
New York:
SUNY Onondaga Community College Veterans' Association (Vets' Club)
Columbia University US Military Veterans (MILVETS) of Columbia
New York University Stern (Business School) Military Veterans' Club
Brooklyn College Veteran Students' Organization (Facebook group)
City University of New York / College of Staten Island Armed Forces Club (Facebook group)
The Ohio State University Registrar's Office
Ohio University Registrar's Office
Portland State University Student Veteran Organization
University of Oregon Veterans and Family Student Association
Penn State University (PSU) Penn State Veterans' Organization
Penn State, Du Bois Campus Veterans' Club
Millersville University Veterans and Still Serving (Facebook group)
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) Veterans' Club
South Dakota
University of South Dakota Veterans' Club (website) / Facebook group
Austin Peay State University Chi Delta Chi Veterans' Organization
University of Texas UT Official Site; Student Veteran Association
College of William & Mary Registrar's / Veterans' Certification Office; Veterans' Society
Northern Virginia Community College Military Resources
Skagit Valley College, Whidbey Island Campus Veterans' Services Office
University of Wisconsin (Madison) Vets for Vets
University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire) Registrar's / Veterans' Service Office; Student Vets Club (contacts are listed under University website)
Also: National Association of Veterans' Program Administrators

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